Who We are

When it comes to advertising your company, there is one option that can promote your product or service to thousands of local residents to your target market. Everyday motorists drive by this very form of advertisement on their way to work, to see friends, and when on their way home as the form of billboards. Sun Media Outdoor Advertising has brought back the medium of the outdoors with our stunning outdoor advertising. We sell your product for you with maximum coverage 24/7 for minimum cost to you. This powerful and creative approach is in line with the satisfaction we strive to bring each one of our clients. In addition, Sun Media has the lowest advertising cost per thousand of any commercial media and will complete and compliment every media plan. Reach out to us to learn about the excitement of buzzwords and the power of color on consumers to give you the most eye catching and unique ads on the roads.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help you evoke emotions within each passerby and show them why they will love your product. We enable brands to engage with people when they are commuting back and forth. We provide our clients with integration of out-of-home, mobile, and social media to transform inspiration and awareness into engagement and purchase. Let us bring your brand to thousands in a single day.